Tips For Conserving Your Home Resources

it is important that our homes be well maintained and kept up. If we allow our homes to fall into disrepair, we can start to have an increase in our power bills as well as increased repairs. One thing that we can do is contact a home sealing service to do an evaluation and see what we can have done to improve.

Tip #1 – look for leaks in windows and doors

Check around all of your windows and doors for leaks. If there is a draft coming from around the windows, this will mean that you are losing heat out of your home through those areas. The same goes with doors; if you have an area where it seems like everyone is holding their hands in front of them to stay warm, then this could be an area where heat is escaping from.

Tip #2 – Use a programmable thermostat

Another thing that we can do is use a programmable thermostat.  A programmable thermostat is able to enable us to program in a schedule for when we want our heating and cooling systems on.  This can be beneficial because it is going to automatically turn down our heat or air conditioning when we are not there.

Tip #3 – Consider using an Eco-friendly option

If you have the ability, you may want to consider an eco-friendly option for your heating and cooling systems.  There are many times when natural gas is not the best option, especially if you have options such as electric or solar power.

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Tip #4 – Get a programmable water heater

Another thing that we can do to conserve our resources in the home is get a programmable water heater.  A programmable water heater is able to come on at certain times of the day or night and heat our water.  This can be useful because we are only using it when we need it.